Coffee Bean

We supply green coffee beans from every coffee growing country in the world and also offer orgin coffee beans, blends, estate coffees, flavored coffees, and Fair-Trade Organic coffees in big scale.


Our standard? Or do you want your own recipe? Take advantage of our high roasting competence and choose the appropriate degree of roasting yourself.

Wholesale coffee bean orders are custom roasted and packaged in bulk bags with a one-way degassing valve. We custom roast only the best 100% arabica specialty gourmet coffees from all over the world. 

Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Do you need large bage Cold Brew Coffee? Our Cold Brew Concentrate Coffee gives you the opportunity to create one of a kind coffee creations as strong, flavorful and cold as you would like

Cold Brew Coffee with Tetra Pak Package, 1 year Shelf Life

The technology behind this product hit is a novel industrial cold drip process that allows an authentic Cold Brew to be produced in industrial quantities while ensuring food safety for commercial use.